Sunday, February 15, 2009

"The Show at Shoreline"

On February 14 Shoreline GSDC had their winter dog show.
The journaling reads:

"Sara came down all the way from Antigo just to show under Bart. But Leon just wasn’t up to the challenge. Not that we cared. Sara cared.

We all told her that there wasn’t anything she couldv'e done to show him any better.
A little more time,
another show
another day....
They'll have their day!"

Leon was in the 9 to 12 puppy class and just wasn't ready to show. This show was his practice.

Go ahead and click on it to see it larger!

I made the page in yellow, since that's the color of the ribbon they won.

Credits include:

Paper out of Jofie Devoe - "Painted With Autumn Sun" kit
Ribbon, sparkles and feather by Vinnie Pearce "My Drama Queen" kit
Hanging Star from Jofie Devoe's "Dream Whispers" kit.

Thanks for looking!

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