Monday, February 2, 2009


This will be the first page of the 2009 photo album
I think it turned out great! The hardest part was finding the right picture! LOL

The journaling reads:

"Someone recently pointed out to me that 2009 is going to be a very momentous year! This January we welcome our first African-American president to the White House! History we were all fortunate to take part in. In February television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital! Since television was invented it has always broadcast in analog! History again. But the big news is that in February Izaac will be turning 16. He’ll be eligible to drive! The lil’ kid I used to baby-sit, who’s diapers I used to change is going to be 16! Remarkable.
Then in March Jackson is becoming a teenager. A teenager? Our little Jack!? I still remember him in those Lil’ Swimmer Diapers running around pool side at Disney World. His little body trying hard to fill that big lounge chair.
In June, Devin -- the first born, Devin will be turning 20! I remember her entering her teens and now she's leaving them behind?
Next fall Ryan will be entering high school. I remember so well going to his open house and meeting his first grade teacher, listening to him read for the first time. Now he’ll be in high school.
Grandma is another one with a milestone birthday this year; she’ll be 75 in October. I can remember when she was turning 50 and I was turning 25. I remember Glen Johnson saying she will never be my exact double age again. She was turning 50 then and now I am?! I could never, ever imagine myself at 40 much less 50. Didn’t I just turn 40?
Wasn’t I just getting used to being 40? And now I’m facing 50? It just doesn’t seem possible. But as this family has learned again and again, all things are possible in this world and will continue to be so.
Here’s to facing the future, here’s to 2009"


Background photo "Old Window" by iammi-z
"Retro TV" photo by Craig Jewell
Bear by Mateusz Stachowski
Leaf and branch by Jofia Devoe


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