Saturday, February 28, 2009

The layout for Izaac's 16th birthday party Feb. 21st.
<-- CLICK ON IT to see it better.

Credits include: Background photo "37" by Valeria Moreiro at stock.chng
Wooden Frame by Vinnie Pearce "Time Out" kit
Photo frame by Katie Pertiet
Masking tape by Annie Manning
Magnify glass "glare" by Katie Pertiet

Journaling reads:

I simply can't fathom where the time went? Izaac is 16. Since he was in Wisconsin for his actual birth day; February 15th, Karen threw him a party on the 21st. Izaac’s friends were there as well as Karen’s crowd and of course family. Everyone brought along good cheers and well wishes. They mostly hung out downstairs playing Wii and some computer games. We did see them occasionally when they came up for food and drink. Sheri was there with her daughter Riley. Carol brought her two girls Danielle and Niki. Kelly and Tim came with their two girls Shelby who is turning 16 in two weeks and Monroe who will be 13 next month! Jamie was there with her son Alex. Roseanne came a little later. Her daughter Jessica will be engaged some time this year. And the really big news; Sheri is going to become a grandmother this year! Wow, what a year!

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