Friday, February 29, 2008

I Wonder

I decided to post the layout I created this week to this blog instead of my digi gallery because I'm not sure it qualifies as scrapbooking. I need your opinion! What do you think?

<-- you can click on it to get a better look.

I took these pictures at the mall. Not two minutes after I took these photos poor Ty fell and split open his chin. 8 stitches! It was such a traumatic day I wanted to place the photos into a very serene scene. This feels right!

Is this still scrapbooking?


  • The tropical waterfall I found as a screen saver at
  • The wings are by Katie Pertiet - Designer Digitals
  • The blue background paper at the bottom is also by Katie.
  • The title is by Anna Aspens
I used with a couple of filters and actions:
  • Filter/Artistic/Poster Edge
  • "Sharon's Colored Sketch" by Sharon Lee Core
and I played around quite a bit with the blending modes. That's how I got that ripples under the swan. It's using the "Luminosity" blending mode.

So? What do you think? Is it still scrap worthy? or not.

(you click on "comments" below - hey I didn't know either!)

1 comment:

jazzyscrapper said...

Well I think it is more showing the artist side of you Linda but then again sbing is art. So I am sitting the fence. It is adorable though!
Great job my friend!!!