Sunday, February 24, 2008

My First Time

My first "blog".

Never thought I'd do one of these things. Thought they were kinda "stupid".
That's the beautiful thing about being human; the chance to change one's mind.

So let me begin. I'm going to use this "blog" to keep organized. I want to post my latest layouts on here. I want to place my favorite links here as well. It's all about becoming more organized!

So join me.
Go ahead and comment.
Click on the links and enjoy my world.
More the merrier. Now let's see how this works!

This is "Play Big". I found that quote and I knew I had to use it with the kids' soccer page. The photos were blurry, they were taken inside and far away. To create the page I used the following techniques in Adobe:

  • First I extracted each individual using the Lasso and the magnetic lasso tool.
  • For each child I applied: " Filter/Artistic/Poster Edges" I turned them into cartoons.
  • For the white outline I used the blending option "Stroke", choosing white for the color, 7 for the thickness.
  • Last I applied a shadow to help with the 3-D effect.
It printed out fantastic, although next time I might make the stroke larger.

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