Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This week's challenge is to photographically represent a cover. What is a "cover"? In this instance it is a cover of anything - album, CD, book, magazine, poster - anything!

This sounded like an awesome challenge!

But wow... this was HARD!!! I found this photo of an album by an artist known as Fjordne. The album's called "The Setting Sun (Kitchen)" It looked SO much like the radio that I had admired in the Wachtel's home that I had to reenact it! So here is my rendition:

I absolutely LOVE the outcome! A difficult challenge with a wonderful reward! I think when I scrap this page with the lyrics to Rush's "Spirit of the Radio".


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Amy said...

It was a hard challenge! You did a great job! I have a radio that is similar,. I may try that shot myself!