Thursday, January 7, 2010


My resolution for 2010:

"I will put my energies into the positive.
Look for and enjoy the good things in my life"

Which is why this week's challenge is so interesting.
The topic: "Resolutions - Photograph it"

How do I put that into a photograph it?

Someone (Amy) suggest I shoot what makes me happy. My first thought are the kids! But it would be impossible to gather them all for one shot; believe me I've tried! LOL

My second thought was those photos that I took of the quite, peaceful moments in life. I love the garden photos, the photos of the fallen snow blanketing the ground. Now that would be easy to find this time of year here in the midwest. And a nice snow storm was forecasted. What luck! LOL

I took a few photos of Megan and Jack playing in the snow. I used my zoom lens and shot them from the balcony. Once I was satisfied I had some good photos of them I looked around for that peaceful, serene shot; I found the bird house covered with the snow.

If you click on it you can view it a bit larger, if you look close enough you can actually see the snow falling. I can still hear the sound of the kids playing in the snow. A nice, peaceful photo.


Amy said...

Simple, shot what makes you happy!

Amy said...

Great shots!