Sunday, December 27, 2009

December Celebrations

This week's challenge was to simply share your favorite December celebration picture. I wanted to try and capture something on Christmas Day to share. I got the presents under the tree.

I even got the tree - I was going for the star burst effect with the lights!

I really didn't capture a good picture of the family. I was more enjoying myself than working on a picture.

After dinner we had the best time. Somehow a staring contest came up. Karen told everyone that no one can beat Lindze in a staring contest. Everyone tried, some came close, but she remains the champ. Her victory over the family gave me the best shot of the day.

Lindze Wins!

I photoshopped it in Adobe and Picnik due to the crappy background; I still had the tripod up from the family dinner picture. The editing worked and I think if nothing better comes up in the next few days this will be my entry for the "December Celebrations" challenge.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Lindze is a winner! Too cute!
Happy new year!