Friday, November 5, 2010

Motion Blur

Way fun challenge this week by Zoe; Motion Blur. I learned a lot by researching the online photography sites. Fortunately we had some good weather so the kids could run outside and play while I tried my best to grab a shot. Julia was such a good sport, racing back and forth and back and forth on her scooter while I tried again and again and again for that one shot! And we got it! Yay! I can't believe how clear her face looks! I give her a lot of credit for being such a good sport.

Halloween is slowly winding down. The decorations still adorn a great many windows and doors and so I couldn't help but grab a few more shoots. I love this pumpkin's "hat" - for lack of a better word. I love the twisting and the textures. Plus it didn't hurt with that left over 'spider web' behind it. LOL

Click on either photo to view it on a larger scale.

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