Monday, July 5, 2010


This week's challenge is "Circles".

I've been really into extreme close ups lately. I think it stemed from the nature shots I did last week. I'm even considering buying a macro lense.

I thought I'd experiment with my regular lense first, see how close it can get. I grabbed some screws and nuts to experiment on. I was pretty pleased with the result. I guess I'll wait on that macro lense - for a little while longer.


Amy said...

Great shots. I just got a 18-270 that says Macro on the side but I haven't figured it out yet.
Love the close up with the reflections.

Amy said...

Apparently I am really challenged this week. I sent you three PM at PCF and none went through. You can email me directly at

Helen said...

I just love the way you creatively approach each of the challenges Linda. You are inspiring!