Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Candid Shot

This week's challenge was to grab a candid portrait. As defined at flickr:

1. Candid: This means no posing, no studios, no lighting set up and no models. Images should attempt "perfecting the immersion of a camera within events". As much as possible, the camera must be unobtrusive to the subject or, at least, to the context of the image. A smile and a glance at the camera is fine, but no more.

I was lucky, this weekend was Lindze's birthday party; 5 years old! Wow! I had plenty of opportunities to capture that candid shot. 150 photos to be exact!

My favorite turned out to be Ellie swinging on the "dot" out front. But a shot of Angelina riding the bike came in a fast second. Such lovely, little ladies. Such a wonderful weekly challenge!


Amy said...

Excellent light in that first one!
Great job!

Helen said...

oh my ... fantastic shots this week Linda. Sad to have missed this one as I love candid portraits.