Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blur - Cause Focus is Over Rated

I absolutely LOVE the title of this week's challenge! Awesome!

I had some wonderful photos from weeks past that were blurry. I never delete anything - even if they are blurry! LOL But I wanted to keep to my goal and take the photo especially for the challenge. So Lindze was my model. She was hysterical spinning and posing for the camera! We had loads of fun.

This is week #12 for the year. On Saturday Lindze had a date with the Easter Bunny at the Easter Egg Hunt. So on Friday I took her out and we found a suitable outfit since the temperatures decided to plunge! We found a dress with leggings and we found a new basket at Pier One. I put her hair up in pig tails and we were off! I'm sure what was more fun; the Easter Egg Hunt or the shopping! In the end I think it was the hunt!

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Amy said...

Great shots Linda!