Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Lights

Two weeks till Christmas! And that's why this week's challenge is so welcomed. The challenge to try and capture a bokeh photo using holiday lights. I haven't shot a good holiday tree photo in years so I looked forward to trying this out!

There were two ways to take photos this week. One was going for the bokeh effect. Bokeh derived from Japanese meaning "blur" or "haze". Here's a good example: Textured Bokeh


The other option was to go for the Star Burst. I really like the star burst effect. And now that I have a good tripod that is the technique I went for.

While taking the photos I noticed the lovely the shadows the lights were creating on the wall. So I moved in closer to grab an image with those shadows added. I just love how it turned out!!

They are so pretty! Now I'm really getting into the holiday spirit!


Amy said...

The star burst lights, the shadows, they're all just perfect.
Great jog, Linda!

Amy said...

Make that job...;)