Friday, August 29, 2008

Nap Time

I have so many pics of Lindze.
I've probably documented every new moment
she's had over here - but one.
The dreaded MELT DOWN!

And even in "melt-down" mode she is adorable!

<--- click for a larger view I found out that one of my favorite Digi-Designers; Vinnie Pearce has a blog and was offering some mini kits for folks to play with. I wanted to try some out. This page was made using her things.

Her blog: "Right Now"


  • Word "Nap" using Victoria Greenlees' "Delicate Dreams" alphabet
  • Clock Katie Pertiet's "Clock Parts"
  • Stitching made using Jackie Eckles' "Quirky Stitches" in black
  • Photo frame by Jessica Sprauge's "Companion Digital Kit"
  • "Lil' Bit Tag" by Katie Pertiet

From the same day..
My Very First You Tube Video:

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